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Policy Analysis in France

Charlotte Halpern
(1998 SP)

Policy analysis in France lays the foundation for a more systematic understanding of policy analysis in the country. In doing so, the volume discusses the role of the state and its restructuring, processes of government and governance, and state-society relationships and policies as both a process and an outcome. Through 18 chapters contributions focus on policymakers, their practices, ideas and discourses, how they engage in sustained relationships with a large variety of market and society actors, and the concrete devices they use in order to make policy objectives operational.
This is a comprehensive study of policy analysis in France that will be valuable to academics and postgraduate students researching and studying a range of policy and public management areas.

• Pages: 338 • Date de parution: 3 Janvier 2018
• Editeur: The Policy Press • ISBN: 978-1-4473-2421-8


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